Aug 8, 2012 10:17 AM

Table Tennis is getting some attention thanks to the Olympic Games

TUCSON- Table tennis is the national sport in China. Over 300-million recreational players play there. But here in the United States it just hasn't caught fire.

"Table tennis has kind of gone by the way side. It has become more of an Asian dominated sport. We'd love to see it turn around," said Jack Cox with Tucson Table Tennis.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm in the U.S. there are a few players in the country playing at a competitive level. One group, the Tucson Table Tennis Club, meets regularly at the Armory Park Center to hone their skills.

"Hand eye coordination is very important. Lateral movement, being able to move quickly back and forth. Having quick reactions is really good," said club member Eric Ziegler.

During the Olympic games China has shown their dominance in the sport. They have run away with all five gold medals in London.

"It's really amazing, the level that those guys play at. I mean, these guys here are very good but it is a whole different game at that level," said Ziegler.


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