Jul 25, 2012 7:12 PM

Swampy wash on the Northwest side finally gets cleaned up

TUCSON - Crews are finally clearing out the massive amount of vegetation and trash at a swampy wash on the Northwest side.

Nora Atondo, from the Pima County Health Department, says mosquito larvae were found in the stagnant water.

The land owner now has a month to clean things up.

"We did issue a notice of violation and asked for a 30 day removal of the vegetation and treatment of the water," Atondo said.

Paul Sandoval, who owns Paul's Auto Repair, which backs up to the wash, says he's relieved the County is finally taking action after he's been complaining about the problem for 6 years.

"With this getting all cleaned up, and the mosquito's gone, the pack rats gone, quality of life around here is going to be so much better. It's indescribable how much better."

Bruce and Christine Gran, who believe a mosquito from the swamp infected Bruce with west nile virus, have mixed feelings.

"We're excited they're doing something about it but we're dissapointed they didn't do anything about it 6 years ago. We're angry. It should have been done 6 years ago."

That being said, they still feel it's better late than never.

"my damage is done so there's nothing that anybody is going to do to help me but hopefully it helps somebody else from ending up in the same boat that I am right now." Bruce said.

They're now looking to start a support group for others dealing with the same illness.


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