Sep 24, 2013 1:22 AM by Sean Mooney

Suspects in Fulgham murders accuse each other

TUCSON - A newly released police report detailing the murders of Erskin and Mary Louise Fulgham, reveal gruesome details of the crime.

The three accused killers, Kyle Drattlo, Christopher Terry and Brianna Harding, were in court Monday, when prosecutors announced their intention to seek the death penalty.

The three suspects have all been charged with first degree murder in the deaths of the elderly couple. One of the suspects, Kyle Drattlo, is the couple's grandson.

The Fulgham's bodies were found in July inside their home near Grant and Swan. The suspects were arrested in Nevada with the couple's stolen car.

When the suspects were caught in Nevada they waived their Miranda rights and were interviewed by detectives from the Tucson Police Department.

According to the case summary report obtained by News 4 Tucson, when asked about the murders of Erskin and Mary Louise Fulgham, Kyle Drattlo and Christopher Terry each accused the other of carrying out the murders.

When the Fulgham's grandson, Kyle Drattlo, was interviewed he told detectives that "Chris (Terry) said their best bet was to kill them because they were going to give them $150". He also went on to say that Christopher Terry was the one who killed his grandparents stating "Chris first stabbed his grandmother as she sat in a chair." and that " his grandfather saw the attack on his grandmother". Drattlo continued by telling the detectives that "Chris tried to suffocate his grandfather with a pillow", and in the process, "his grandfather's nose was broken". He then said that Erskin Fulgham was "stabbed with two knives and then Chris stomped on his chest". Drattlo also claims he "tried to help his grandfather during the attack".

But in his interview, Christopher Terry told a very different version of the killings, stating that it was Kyle Drattlo behind the murders. Terry told detectives that when the killings happened he was in the shower with Brianna Harding when he "heard screaming". He went on to say that when he came out of the bathroom he saw "Kyle's grandmother lying on a chair" and "Kyles grandfather was on the floor". Terry claimed that "Kyle had a black out rampage" and said he did not call police because he "claimed to be afraid of Kyle".

The case summary report also notes that a case regarding the Fulghams existed with Arizona Adult Protective Services and that the agency confirmed that large amounts of money were being withdrawn from the Fulgham's accounts and they had fallen behind paying their bills.


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