Feb 3, 2014 8:35 PM by Marissa Esquivel

Superior Court warns residents of possible juror scam

TUCSON - Pima County Superior Court is warning residents of a possible juror scam.

An unknown number of Pima County residents have reported receiving phone calls from somebody representing themselves as an employee of the Deputy District Attorney's Office, according to Anne-Marie Braswell, Community Relations Coordinator for Pima County Superior Court.

In each instance, the individual claimed that they were calling to alert the citizen of an outstanding warrant for failing to attend jury duty, Braswell said. The person also used the name of a Judge, who actually does not exist.

The caller told the person in order to avoid being arrested, they must pay a fee of $2,000, which needed to be delivered to a specific location, Braswell said.

If you believe that you were a victim or potential victim of this or any similar scam, contact Pima County Superior Court's jury office at (520) 724-4222. You should also report the incident to police.


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