Jul 28, 2014 11:34 AM by Monica Garcia

Sunlink prepares for student riders

TUCSON- Sunlink's Modern Streetcar celebrations are now over and today is the first official day people will have to pay to ride the streetcar.

Sunlink is now prepping for a new wave of riders; UA students returning from summer vacation.

According to Sun link, an estimated 100-thousand people live, work and play within a quarter mile of the streetcar corridor.

The four-mile Sun Link Streetcar route connects five districts: the University of Arizona, Main Gate Square, Fourth Avenue, Downtown, and the Mercado.

Sunlink sponsored many campaigns throughout the last month demonstrating how to use the streetcar.

According to Shellie Ginn, Project Manager for Modern Streetcar Project, they do have a plan in place to prepare for the new wave of students who don't know how to use the streetcar.

"So we're working really closely with the University of Arizona to provide a lot of education to the students," Ginn said. "We're approaching the places that they're living and we're also trying to enter all their orientation sessions. We have information we're sending them via email and hard mail. We are going to be doing PSAs and everything we can to reach out to the students."

For information on how to purchase a streetcar pass, click here.


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