Oct 26, 2012 8:15 PM by Erika Flores

Study to determine need for six-lane roadway in Sahuarita

TUCSON - The area around Sahuarita is growing and now the state's predicting traffic tie-ups. They are studying the possibility of a new 6-lane roadway.

It would be an East to West corridor that could ease future traffic congestion and connect to Interstate 19.

There's not much congestion on the roads now, but the town's population is expected to grow to 130 thousand by 2040. And more people, means more cars on the road.

"Sahuarita is really expanding," said Sahuarita resident Luis Redando. He has lived here his entire life. "It's going to keep growing," he said. "I think it's going to be the next Tucson."

A study by the Arizona Department of Transportation supports that idea. Maps presented by The Arizona Department of Transportation show dark red areas where most of the congestion will be by 2040.

Sahuarita's main roads, Pima Mine and Sahuarita, would have the bulk of the congestion, showing a need for another East to West corridor.

"For a local roadway to help support that regional connectivity and ease congestion," said ADOT project planner Matt Carpenter. The study proposes a six-lane parkway with an I-19 interchange.

"Having a 6 roadway here would be really helpful," said Redando.

Another Sahuarita resident agreed. "If it's needed it's needed. People got to get from point A to point B," said Armando Teanori.

But Sahuarita resident John Harland said he hopes the city considers the economy before taking the next step. "At this time I think they can put it off a few more years," said Harland.

ADOT said they expect to finish the study in December.

For more information about the ADOT study, click here.


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