Aug 2, 2012 7:55 PM

Students prepare for new graduation requirements

TUCSON-Some Southern Arizona students are already heading back to class adding new requirements to their list of preparations.

The new graduation requirements are aimed at getting students college ready, but students aren't the only ones feeling the pressure.

Brian Brindley still has a few days left to enjoy a game of catch with his little brother before he hits the books, but he's already eager to begin the school year as a freshman.

"I like school pretty well," said Brindley.

New state requirements would require Brindley to hit the books even harder, especially in math.

"I do like math and I like world history a lot," he said.

Instead of taking three years of math to graduate, students beginning with the class of 2013 will have to take four years.

Brindley thinks the new rule will definitely prepare students for college.

"Cause some kids might take three years in the beginning and then not take math at all their senior year and then if they want to go to college, they're going to have to catch back up and that could be a problem for them," said Brindley.

Mitchelle Effing is only in sixth grade, but his mom is already preparing him for this new requirement to make sure he is college ready.

"Absolutely college is non-negotiable," said Wendy Effing.

But stricter graduation requirements means districts need to hire more teachers and organize more after-school tutoring programs.

"It would have been nice that along with the new requirement, that we get some additional resources," said Dr. Nicholas Clement, superintendent of Flowing Wells.

Because without addition resources, districts like Flowing Wells will have to increase class sizes and tap into private donations to provide after-school tutoring.

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