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Apr 6, 2014 7:52 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Students prepare for AIMS testing throughout Arizona

TUCSON - Students across the state are getting ready to put their pencils to paper with the AIMS testing window beginning this week.

All students in Arizona's public schools in grades 3rd-8th as well as in high school must participate in the AIMS testing.

Parents like Danielle Northcutt know just how important it is for her kids to do well.

"We make sure that they're prepared. We keep them up on their school work all year long so that when AIMS comes around we try not to make it a really stressful situation but we do discuss the importance of it," Northcutt said.

That also means making sure the students are up for the challenge and prepared physically and mentally.

"I think some of the most important things are a good night's sleep... a good healthy breakfast with some protein in there so they don't get tired throughout the day and kind of keeping a relaxed atmosphere," said school teacher Lori Witkowski.

Faculty at Sunnyside School District took note of that idea, putting together a fund video ahead of the AIMS testing.

Still, many school administrators stress the importance of testing well throughout the entire school.

"I know there's a lot of negativity around the whole assessment mentality and the fact that testing is often looked at as negative but the honest thing is that is allows us to really see where our kids are," said Pistor Middle School Assistant Principal Thad Dugan who works for Tucson Unified School District.


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