Oct 18, 2012 9:00 PM by John Overall

Students learn earthquake safety at 'Great Arizona Shakeout'

TUCSON - In Arizona we don't think about earthquakes very often, but we should. Arizona experiences hundreds of earthquakes every year.

On Thursday, students at Secrist middle school were among the 65,000 people across the state participating in the Great Arizona Shakeout by learning how to protect themselves during an earthquake.

Brrittany Ciancarelli is a first-year teacher and an atmospheric scientist. She says there are hundreds of fault lines in Arizona. "Most people think it's just California, but fault lines are everywhere and I think Virginia was a pretty good example of that last year," Ciancarelli said.

Even though Arizona experiences hundreds of earthquakes every year, most are so small we can't feel them. But history shows Arizona can experience major quakes like the 7.4 Sonora quake in 1887.

That's why this class participated in the Great Arizona Shake Out. 7th grade student Bella Mattocks has never gone through an earthquake but if she ever does she's ready to drop, cover and hold on. "You need to mostly protect your head and just hold onto the desk because it could move away," Bella said.
The Secrist students now know what causes the Earth to shake and they believe every kid should learn what to do in case of quake. "They need to learn how to protect themselves so they don't get hurt or killed," said Willie Flemons.


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