Nov 18, 2013 8:06 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Student blogger gets attacked, threatened over anti-WSU post

TUCSON - A student at the University of Arizona was targeted with online hate messages and sexist attacks after she wrote a trash-talking blog leading up to the UA- Washington State football game on Saturday.

It all started with a blog that UA Senior Megan Coghlan wrote for "The Post Game" that blasted the WSU fan base. You can read the blog post here.

Coghlan told News 4 Tucson that she received thousands of expletive emails, Facebook messages, and tweets following the upset loss for the Wildcats. Many of the messages were from the WSU community.

Then it got personal. Even a hashtag was created: #MeganCoghlanSucks.

Coghlan said she received threats and people telling her to kill herself. For many students, that's a step too far.

"You know with my friends and I, we always trash talk about who's the better player, who's the better team - but once it starts to become personal toward [Coghlan] and it's not about the game anymore that's when it goes too far," said Craig Covington, a sophomore at the UA.

Coghlan responded to the cyber bullying Monday in the student newspaper, The Daily Wildcat. You can read her response here.

"When you talk trash, you expect to get trash back. But the overflow of sexism and cruelty that flooded my inbox and social media accounts was far out of proportion for a trash-talk column before a football game," Coghlan wrote in the Daily Wildcat.

Many of the insults targeted her ability to cover sports based on the fact that she is a woman. One post even told her to "get back in the kitchen."

Even so, some insist that writing a harsh blog post is only asking for a negative response.

"You're allowed to say what you want but you kind of have to expect comments especially if you have an audience... so I don't agree with the fact that it was personal attacks but she should have expected some backlash," said UA Junior Maleyna Tilford.


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