Dec 6, 2013 7:43 PM by Erika Flores

Store employees work to deter shoplifting

TUCSON - Store employees at the Foothills mall are keeping a watchful eye for thieves. There have been two shoplifting cases in December alone, and the mall expects more as the holiday approaches.

"We had somebody try to shoplift something," said Cameron at Arizona Custom Tees."It does seem to happen a little more during the Christmas season for some reason. I'm not sure. We have discounts and everything, so I don't know why people try to shoplift."

Just a few days ago, Maria Medina said someone stole something from Chic.

"Sometimes when you're putting things back, you're like wait somethings missing," said Medina. "As they're walking they'll just grab stuff as they're walking. Usually at night is when it's the busiest. When the crowd is walking by and there are a lot of people and you can't turn your attention to everybody."

Medina said sometimes the thieves use teamwork.

"Families will come, and some of them will distract you while others will walk around and take stuff and put it in their bag," said Medina.

Foothills Mall security tells News 4 Tucson, there were eleven shoplifting incidents including attempts in November.

"Cops will go after them and security guards will go after them as well," said Amanda Deardem, Glitter employee.

Deardem said she's seen a few thefts right outside the store where she works.

"They'll be running with their purses and stuff," said Deardem.

She makes sure she keeps an extra eye out.

The mall's security said they're doing their best as well especially as the holiday's approach.

Cameras, both inside and outside watch, as security guards walk through the mall.

But even small businesses like Chic are doing their own surveillance.

They said you just can't be too careful.


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