Nov 19, 2012 1:59 PM by Victor L. Villa

Stay safe this Thanksgiving with tips from Northwest Fire

TUCSON - Northwest Fire District sent out a news release with the following safety tips to help make your Thanksgiving a safe and enjoyable holiday:

To help make your kitchen a safe environment, make it as organized as possible. Have the pets and kids play somewhere else and place combustible items, such as oven mitts and dish rags, away from heat sources, the release states. Never leave your cooking oil unsupervised and have your pan handles turned away from the walking path, reducing the chances of spilling hot contents.

Childproof the house if you're expecting young guest, NWFD recommends. This includes putting away medications and weapons. Also make sure that the fire place, if you're using one, has a spark-arresting screen. It may also help to give smokers a safe area to smoke.

If you are going to use a fryer for your turkey, ensure that the fryer is on level ground, away from buildings, and that you use the proper amount of oil. You can measure what you would need by placing the turkey in a pot with water. Keep kids and pets away from the fryer and never leave it unattended. Also have a dry-chemical, general purpose fire extinguisher in case of a fire.

Finally, Northwest Fire states: don't drink and drive, and make sure your car is in good driving condition, including the tires. Make sure you have plenty of rest before you drive and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.


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