Jun 29, 2012 12:53 PM

Starting July 2 Tucsonans can recycle more in blue bins

TUCSON- The City of Tucson has entered into a contract with ReCommunity Recycling to process your recyclables at a new facility on Ajo and Alvernon.

"We actually have infrared sorters that will be able to pick up plastic bottles without the assistance of a human," Tucson Environmental Manager Fran LaSala says.

The high tech equipment will make it easier to process recyclables, which expands the list of what is allowed in the blue bins. "Most of the questions we get about recycling are: can I do my yogurt cups, my butter tubs and my produce containers," LaSala says.

Starting Monday, all plastics can be recycled. Tucsonans will no longer have to look at the numbers. "It's going to be easier and if it's easier we'll get more," LaSala says.

And that could be a good thing for the City of Tucson. LaSala says last year it made $1.9 million by selling its recycled materials.

Commercial customers might benefit too. "You can now recycle more and that's going to help you save money because the more you recycle, the less you throw away, the less your garbage bill is," LaSala says.

Items that still can't go in your blue bin include Styrofoam and plastic grocery bags. "If it gets to a facility like this they wrap around the belts and they just slow it down and take it down," LaSala says.

Instead LaSala recommends dropping off plastic bags at the grocery store.

Residents will receive a copy of the new list of recyclables in their July water bill. For more information head to www.tucsonrecycles.org


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