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May 28, 2011 1:20 AM

Space talk with Gridley Middle School students

TUCSON - Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly and the crew of Endeavour will return to earth Wednesday.

Mark has been able to talk with Gabby over the phone daily.

They even did a video call yesterday and saw one another.

Friday night, first responders from January 8th and kids from Gridley Middle School got to do the same.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly making quite the appearance, hanging upside down in the video call.

Gridley eighth grader Alex Bohland said, "Mark Kelly's necklace was kind of floating around they did a couple of flips in the air."

A line of about twenty kids formed to ask their questions. Bohland was one of them.

"It was cool and nerve-racking at the same time," said Bohland.

Northwest Fire first responder from January 8th Kyle Canty was also there.

"Bringing my daughter and just having the opportunity to experience to speak to an astronaut it was a neat experience we were lucky to have," said Canty.

The astronauts got the crowd laughing on more than one occasion.

"I got into my sleeping bag and immediately rolled over onto my side like I would in bed and then thought to myself this is kind of dumb there is no side," said Kelly.

The astronauts showed off one of their many "space" talents by catching food in their mouths.

"It certainly looks like they have fun up there and a neat environment to float around and it looks like they do have fun," said Canty.

It was an interactive way for students to learn about space.

"This a great opportunity for students to participate in real world science experience so there's nothing bigger right now than a space shuttle launch," said 6th grade science teacher Lisa Kist.

"It is one of my favorite subjects and it makes me more interested definitely," said Bohland.

Before the kids from Gridley talked to the astronauts, the University of Arizona had speakers showing what accomplishments they are making in terms of space research.


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