Jul 20, 2014 9:25 PM by Nathan O'Neal

South side contractor target of frequent break-ins

TUCSON - A specialized contractor on the south side has been targeted by thieves over the last few years creating headaches and costly losses to business.

Sahara Mechanical Office Manager Dale Booth told News 4 Tucson the lot has been subject to break-ins roughly four or five times per year. Thieves have swiped everything from copper to pipes and generators.

"We tried having dogs here. The insurance company doesn't like that," Booth said. "We put razor wire on the chain link fence, we changed the gates, we've put better locks on and we've put video cameras up."

Booth said his business isn't the only one that has been targeted in the area. While the business has insurance, there are further challenges because of the frequency of break-ins.

"We can't file many claims because if we file too many we'll lose our insurance and if we lose our insurance, we'll have to go out of business," Booth said.

If you have any information about the recurring break-ins, you are urged to notify law enforcement.


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