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May 23, 2012 1:28 AM

Some TUSD Students won't walk with their class at graduation

TUCSON - More than a hundred TUSD seniors who failed the AIMS test will not walk at graduation. A state mandate requires students to pass the AIMS test in order to receive a diploma.

A couple dozen students showed up at the school board meeting asking the board to let them walk with their classmates, even though they did not meet state requirements.

Adelita Grijalva was the only school board member to vote in support of allowing the seniors to walk. Other members of the board said while they feel for the students, and partially take responsibility for the students failure, passing the AIMS test is a state requirement for graduation. It is a graduation ceremony. And the students have had multiple chances to pass the test.

After the decision, students were visibly upset, crying and hugging each other outside the meeting. "All of our students worked really hard. We did what we were supposed to do, we got all of our credits and it's not our fault. We didn't learn what we were supposed to learn, obviously they didn't teach us," said Ciara Aldrete, TUSD senior who did not pass AIMS test.

Current numbers show 107 TUSD seniors have not passed the AIMS test to graduate. Around 2800 have.


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