Jun 6, 2013 9:14 PM by Lupita Murillo

Some residents in a midtown complex had power turned off

TUCSON - Some residents at a midtown apartment complex are "hot" under the collar Thursday evening.

The Palms at Prince apartment complex at Stone and Prince is under new management. The old management had utilities included in the rent but that is no longer the case. So, some residents have had their power shut off.

A letter was sent to residents last month telling them about the changes, and the need to have the utilities transferred over to their name.

The cutoff date was June 3rd.

Some residents say they received an additional letter saying they had until June 22nd.

Melissa Mazique doesn't intend to sign a new lease.

"We have no problems leaving on the 22nd. It seems they're trying to get us out faster by shutting our electricity off," she said.

"It's been horrible," says another resident, Shane Kolarik. "I almost had a heat stroke yesterday and everything else in my house because it was so hot."

Since there is no electricity the refrigerator isn't working, Mazique says she has no food.

"I lost all my meats everything and they're not replacing nothing," Kolarik says.

Other residents have been braving the heat by keeping their doors open. But there's no cross ventilation only a front window and door.

"There's people in the back that have little kids and they have no electric, and the management doesn't seemed concerned at all," Mazique says.

News 4 contacted the management, who said residents were given ample warning to have the utilities transferred. The disgruntled residents are asking for utilities to be on until the 22nd.

The new owners say they will work with the residents.

One resident who has been there for awhile tells News 4 Tucson, since the new owners purchased the property, they are making a real effort to improve it and she believes the new owners will follow through.


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