Aug 6, 2013 8:40 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Some Arizonans upset at lack of foreclosure relief

TUCSON - Some Arizonans are upset with the state for not helping homeowners avoid foreclosure as much as they could.

When the federal bailout was created, a portion of it was meant to help out hurting homeowners. However, some insist that the state hasn't done enough to get that money out to the people.

For 75-year-old Rodger Derton, foreclosure is reality. He lost his home last December but had been fighting foreclosure since 2009. He and his wife packed up their life and moved into a friend's home. Their belongings -- too much to fit inside -- so they have to store them in a trailer out back.

"I talked to them and told them, just knock my payment down," Derton told News 4 Tucson. "Leave me something to live on."

Derton is upset that no one seemed willing to work with him to lower his payments, so he could stay in the home.
However, Jean Braucher, a law professor at the University of Arizona, said there are many failure within the relief system.

"There's been a long series of problems with getting relief to homeowners, and it's the federal, state and private lender sector -- all of those have responsibilities for insufficient relief, getting relief to homeowners," Bruacher said.

One federally-funded program dishes out money to the states hit hardest by the housing crash.

"Some of them got their houses and property back, some of them got a large settlement to carry them through... that's all I ask is... be fair," Derton said.

Arizona received $268 million to help homeowners avoid foreclosures. The state has only spent about six percent of the allocated funds -- a stark difference to other states that have spent up to 45 percent of the money.

For now, Derton will continue to live in his friend's home but hopes that something will happen so he can move back to the place where he would like to live for the rest of his life.


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