Dec 21, 2012 2:20 PM by Danielle Lerner

So far so good for most holiday travelers at TIA

TUCSON- All was calm at Tucson International Airport early Friday morning but things are expected to pick up as the day goes on, with most of the day's arrivals scheduled to come in around 7:30p.m.

There were just a few delays for people arriving from Chicago and Minneapolis because of severe weather in the Midwest, also travelers headed to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Jose were a few minutes behind schedule.

Friday is expected to be a busy travel day so people at TIA and airports across the country are reminding passengers to pack that patience.

"People have things to do and so do you, so no real rush," said Hunter White, who was traveling to Orlando Friday. "Really just excited to get home."

"We're newbies at this, this is our first year we're not at our home with our kids at our house, we're now going to their house," said Pat and Shannon McCarthy, who were headed to see family in Dallas. "This is different so we don't know how it's going to go, but so far it's great."

Always a good idea to check your flight status online before heading to the airport, you can go to TIA's Flight Tracker by clicking here. Also, follow TIA on Twitter for the latest updates.

As for what you can bring on the plane some food items do need to be checked. Travelers can carry wrapped gifts through the security checkpoint, however TSA is encouraging people not to, just so agents don't have to unwrap anything to look inside. They say that will slow down the lines at security.

You can find more details and holiday air travel tips here.


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