Aug 13, 2013 8:29 PM by Nathan O'Neal

So. Ariz. company develops tech to help 'secure the border'

HEREFORD, Ariz. - A southern Arizona company has developed a seismic technology, which its developers say can help secure the U.S.-Mexico Border.

'Border Technology Inc.' has spent the last few years developing the technology that is placed underground. The moment somebody within it's detection perimeter, its signal is processed and is capable of distinguishing whether it's a group of people walking nearby, an animal, or even an aircraft flying overhead.

"Instead of having on little area that's covered, we can cover an entire border, or the entire perimeter of an airport or an entire nuclear facility," said Michael King, Vice President of Border Technology.

That's especially appealing to Ariz. State Senator Al Melvin, who has strong concerns about border security.

"You can see, we've got a fence here that's pretty sophisticated -- so now we have to fill in the gaps with this technology," Melvin told News 4 Tucson shortly after witnessing a demonstration by Border Technology.

The cost for something like this? King said it's negligible compared to the fed's budget.

"When they're spending $5 million a mile for a fence, well throwing in $100,000 extra for our system, buried and installed... it's a very small amount of money to pay in the overall scheme of things," King said.

Whether this technology will become reality along the entire border is yet to be seen, but there are some promising signs.

"I will say that there is a large company that has been flirting with us some... and is very interested in our technology," said King.

Sen. Melvin said it's important to have options in the discussion about the best ways to secure the border.

"[The state government] is careful with how we spend our money but we could be investing in this kind of technology," Melvin said.


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