Aug 9, 2012 1:12 AM

Silverbell Road repairs complete

TUCSON - A part of Silverbell Road reopened Wednesday evening.

The road has been closed for 10 days after flooding caused the road to crumble and float away.

It happened between Ina and Sunset.

For many drivers on the Northwest side Silverbell is a major thoroughfare.

With it now open, their commute will be that much easier.

The pavement gave way under a passing car trapping three people who had to be rescued.

No one was seriously hurt.

Folks in the area say they are happy the road is fixed, and that the work was done quickly.

Dennis Peacock says, "definitely, we can now drive the back roads without taking Interstate 10." He adds, "I drive this once in a while and I don't understand why in this town we don't have more culverts with roads overtop so they won't wash out and we won't have to worry about the stupid motorist law."

His wife Ronnie Peacock says, "I'm surprised they got it done as quickly as they did considering the finances and the road situation in Tucson that they managed to get it done so quickly."

The estimated cost of repairs is $200 thousand dollars.


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