Nov 29, 2013 1:00 PM by Erika Flores

Shopping on both Gray Thursday and Black Friday

TUCSON - Holiday shopping started earlier than ever this year, with some stores opening Thanksgiving night.

On this Black Friday, more people hit the stores to work off their Thanksgiving dinner and save a few bucks.

Many people went straight to the stores after Thanksgiving dinner not getting any sleep Thursday night.

"I'm going into zombie mode," said Carolyn Katami.

Carolyn Katami has been shopping on Black Friday for four years.

"Everybody thinks I'm crazy," said Katami.

And she's a big fan of Gray Thursday shopping since 10 p.m. Thursday.

"It's just been a long exhausting night trying to search and trying to make decisions while I'm shopping," said Katami.

Some customers made it a family affair.

"Just to enjoy time together as mother and daughter and if we get a good deal we get it and if we don't we're okay, too," said Patricia Hurley.

Dina Bolle and Hurley have been shopping since after Thanksgiving dinner.

"The crowd has been really good very contained very happy like this," said Bolle.

Others opted to boycott Gray Thursday and save the shopping for Friday.

"We just wanted to sort of vote with our dollars this year. We wanted to make sure that Black Friday stays on Friday," said Scott Carson.

But Katami said she gets the most use of her buck by shopping on both days.

"I've noticed I can buy a lot more for what I have, and now I have two small children so I have to go out and get the good deals," said Katami.


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