Sep 30, 2013 9:01 PM by Erika Flores

Services that could be limited due to a government shutdown

TUCSON - In just hours, part of the U.S. government could close, and services you might need won't be there.

In Tucson, those who use social security services are concerned about delays due to furloughs and whether they will be able to get replacement social security cards.

According to the social security contingency plan, field offices will not be able to provide social security replacement cards during a government shutdown.

Click here for a complete list of social security services that could be limited during a possible government shutdown.

AAA Arizona has released a few things travelers need to keep in mind as well.

"Passport services are going to be suspended if there is a shutdown," said Valerie Vinyard with AAA Arizona. "National Parks and national monuments are going to be closed if there is a shutdown and that includes 22 national parks in Arizona."

Air traffic employees won't be affected neither will TSA nor Border Patrol agents.

There shouldn't be any flight delays due to the shut down.


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