Mar 16, 2011 2:17 PM

Serious accident still blocking I-10 near Benson

BENSON - Traffic is still delayed on Interstate 10 near Benson after two trucks crashed and caught fire beneath the overpass at the Mescal Road interchange.

Arizona Department of Transportation crews are on scene and working with local responders to reopen the highway as soon as possible. ADOT inspectors are assessing the bridge to ensure it is safe for traffic.

If you are heading east through the area, expect delays of over an hour, unless you take the alternative route: exit at State Route 83 and detour south to State Route 82, then proceed on State Route 90 and return north back to eastbound I-10. ADOT says the 67-mile detour takes about 90 minutes to reconnect to I-10 east of Tucson.

Motorists who stay on I-10 will be routed off at the Mescal Exit (Exit 297) and directed back onto the highway east of the Mescal bridge.

If you're driving from Mescal east on I-10, you will need to take westbound I-10 to the Empirita Road exit, the get back on I-10 heading east.

The Department of Public Safety is still investigating the crash, which happened late last night.

ADOT does not have an anticipated time for the highway to reopen.


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