Apr 24, 2014 8:39 PM by Matt Fernandez

Seniors say busy intersection is dangerous without marked crosswalks

TUCSON - On the West side of Congress cars fly up and down the road.

One thing you won't see is any marked cross walks between south Avenida Del Convento and I-10 Frontage.

The only ones are located at South Avenida Del Convento and Frontage.

One by one people cross the street, from young kids all the way to seniors at different parts of the street, because people say the two crosswalks are too far from where they are trying to get.

Many cross with walkers, as the Sentinel Plaza Senior Housing sits in the middle of Avenida Del Convento and Frontage.

"It's really dangerous we need a cross walk somewhere around here," says Fernando Moreno who walks across Congress.

Moreno says he catches a bus and must walk across Congress to visit his mom at the Sentinel Plaza.

"I check up on her because she is not doing to good, so I have to come three times a week, and it's hard to walk across," says Moreno.

Moreno says his mom has also gone across Congress near the intersection of Bonita and Congress.

"Not too long along my mom almost got hit, and I told her don't be crossing until you get the crosswalk,"says Moreno.

The bus route for the Loop Shuttle which many seniors take downtown to go shopping is on the other side of the street.

Pat Soto who uses a walker makes the dangerous walk several times a week. "I personally walk across the street right here, get to corner, and go quarter of a block, and stop until the Loop comes," says Soto.

Mary Garrison says even if she wanted to cross like many do, she can't because her scooter can't go over the curb.

She says she fears for her friend's safety, and would like to see a crosswalk put in near Bonita and Congress.

"With a light, and they can push the button to give them time to get across the street instead of walking halfway there and going across," says Garrison.


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