Feb 3, 2014 5:12 PM by Sean Mooney

Sean in Sochi: News 4's 'wandering man'

SOCHI, RUSSIA - Hopeless wanderer... after thinking about, this was a very appropriate song, by Mumford & Sons, to pop up first on my iPod to start my journey to the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Not to get too deep here but when it comes down to it, that is what I have always been. Not hopeless in a "giving up" sort of way but a "can't help it" way. I am very curious and can never sit still for very long. As a result I love to wander. All that wandering over the years has given me a different perspective than most (after you work for the WWE (WWF) trust me, you're never the same (and I mean that in a good way).

I provide this TMI in order to prepare you for what you can expect over the next few weeks from this blog.

Welcome to Mooney's world. Buckle up there might be some turbulence.

Give you a little example.

Flew out of Tucson this morning to Denver. Bronco Nation right? The flight I'm on is to Newark, NJ, Super Bowl 48 central. These folks are all headed to the game, duh. Let's just say the NFL cleaned up in Bronco merch with these people and the plane is packed. So when I get on, walking down the aisle "I can't help it" and I say loudly, "You folks all headed to Sochi?". Crickets.

Once in Newark, I am scheduled to connect with the NBC charter for the overnight flight to Sochi.

If Matt and Savannah think I'm taking the middle seat they better think again. See, I can't help it.

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