Feb 5, 2014 10:58 PM by Marissa Esquivel

Scammers falsely claim to be part of Gem Show

TUCSON - The Tucson Police Department is warning about a scam in which several individuals claim to be a part of the various gem shows around town.

On Feb. 4, a man contacted the Tucson Police Department reporting that he had been fraudulently scammed out of several hundred dollars.

He reported that while he was pumping gas he was approached by a woman at the Chevron on Ajo near Kino. The woman told him that by pumping gas at that location he already won points to game called "Race Way to Bluff" that is authorized by the Gem Show.

The woman directed him to the back of a white trailer where she explained the game. The player is given marbles to roll into a box with holes on the bottom, the player must bet with every roll and once they've reached 100 points they are awarded the prize money.

The man lost the game several times and says he lost hundreds of dollars. He became suspicious and looked the game up online and noticed it was very similar to a game called "Razzle Dazzle".

The gem shows are not sponsoring any game at an offsite location.

Tucson Police believe that the suspects have left the city and would like to use this incident as a reminder for people to remain aware of opportunities that seem to good to be true.

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