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Jul 1, 2010 6:40 PM

SB 1070 Training Tapes - Racial Profiling

This section of the training tape covers racial profiling and the essential nature that the law is enforced without profiling in any manner.

:20 - "Arizona officers will never come under this level of scrutiny again."

:36 - "Frankly, critics of this law believe that Arizona officers cannot be trusted with this kind of authority. They doubt your professionalism, they doubt your integrity and they doubt your ethics. That doubt is unfair and unearned."

1:20 - "Racial profiling does not constitute a lawful stop, and is not an element of a lawful stop."

5:30 - "Race must not ever enter into an officer's decision to make a stop, detention or arrest of an individual [...] there will be those that fully intend to test our officers and their professionalism and determine whether or not they will use race as a determining factor [...] I urge you not to use race, not to be baited by the questions that will be posed to you by individuals."

7:13 - "We are going to be accused of racial profiling no matter what we do on this. The best thing we can do is document thoroughly where we develop our reasonable suspicion and probable cause."

8:13 - "Historically, across the nation we have had a few bad apples that have spoiled it and had their actions racially motivated."

10:15 - "Racial profiling is police misconduct. [...] racial profiling is a step on the slippery slope of career and public trust destruction. If it done the reports then must be falsified to cover it up, the internal affairs reports might have to be fabricated, testimony at trials perjured. Lost job, lost career, lost retirement. Lost way of life. Over what? Catching a person who didn't obey the law to get into this country. Integrity is best maintained by retaining one's perspective."

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