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Jul 1, 2010 3:58 PM

SB 1070 Training Tapes - Introduction

SB 1070 Introduction: This segment covers the introduction to the training tapes. It covers the basic gist of the training, including the signing of the bill by Governor Brewer and an introduction and some words by Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor.

:40 - "The entire country is watching to see how Arizona in particular Arizona law enforcement responds. Regardless of your personal opinion about the immigration debate, your response as an individual officer is going to have significant impact on the direction of that debate. Can local law enforcement be trusted with such powers."

:56 - "This state and each of you have been thrust on to the national stage."

1:50 - "A single standard of justice applies, equally, to all people."

2:20 - "The challenge is now clear, it is to enforce the law without placing a stigma on the very people we are sworn to protect and serve, intelligently and humanely."

8:23 - Tucson Chief Villasenor is introduced

8:41 - "Local law enforcement is tasked with public safety of everyone who lives in our community. It does not matter to us about immigration status or not. Because you are here illegally doesn't mean you give up the right as a human being to be safe in all your activities." (Villasenor).

11:05 - "The scrutiny you will be placed under as law enforcement officers will be unlikely anything you have ever seen. You should expect in the course of day-to-day business to be challenged in terms of what you do. You should expect people to be asking you questions. You should expect to be video taped, audio taped. You should expect your reports to be examine in a way they haven't been examined."

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