May 10, 2013 1:17 PM by Faye DeHoff

Saving 100 cats in 100 days

TUCSON - Saving 100 cats in 100 days. That's the goal of The Hermitage cat shelter in Tucson.

Thanks to a grant from The PETCO Foundation, The Hermitage has set the goal of saving the lives of at least 100 lucky cats in an event called "100 Cats in 100 Days". The time frame for this important lifesaving program is April 30 to July 31, typically called "kitten season". This is the time of year that more cats are giving birth and shelters are seeing more litters of kittens with and without their mothers.

The Hermitage conducted their first 100 Cats 100 days event from September 13 to December 21, 2011 which was so successful that 121 felines were rescued and adopted out. This year, they hope to achieve the same level of success by rescuing cats and kittens from Pima Animal Care Center (PACC).

The program is critical in allowing The Hermitage to rescue cats and kittens that might otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space or minor treatable illnesses. The rescued cats will then be spayed or neutered, receive initial vaccinations, and be tested for two important cat diseases. Some of the cats rescued from PACC will have upper respiratory infections as well that will require additional medication and treatment.

During "kitten season", PACC and other shelters are frequently overwhelmed with kittens that are too young to be adopted. The Hermitage will rely on their feline foster care volunteers who will nurse them back to health so they may be put up for adoption and find a forever home. The current cost of caring for these cats averages about $140.00 per cat. More foster care volunteers are urgently needed to help not only with this program but also throughout the year.

The Hermitage adopts cats from their shelter from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week except Wednesdays and also has space for adoptable cats in three PETCO stores seven days a week.

For more information, contact Joe Sprague at 520-344-7288.


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