May 13, 2013 11:20 AM by John Overall

Saluting military moms in Tucson

Most military mom's were thrilled to hear from their sons and daughters on Sunday. But many military mom's don't share in that excitement because their sons or daughters never made it home from battle.

This was Marsha Moon's third Mother's Day without hearing from her son Chris. "It's hard because every Mother's Day, birthday, Thanksgiving, holiday event, the first thing I hear from is him," Marsha said. Marsha still speaks about Chris in the present tense even though she lost him to a road side bomb in Afghanistan almost three years ago. "But Mother's Day is very hard," said Marsha. When asked if it gets any easier Moon replied, "You know what? The missing, the hugging, and just wanting to hear his voice is never easy.

Sheron Jones lost her son Darryl in March of 2007. Every Mother's Day since has been painful. That first one was so tough because I would get a phone call or a card, I would always get a card and I just felt like I was lost," Sheron said.

Sheron is The Arizona President of American Gold Star Mothers, an organization that supports military mom's who've lost children to war. "I understand how other mothers feel, you know you don't think about it until it happens to you," said Sheron.

Marsha Cope is also an American Goldstar Mother. That group and her faith help Marsh live with the hole in her heart. And on Mother's Day, like every day, Chris is in her families prayers. "We say Lord just give my son a big hug and a kiss for us and I know i'll see him again," Said Marsha.


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