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Aug 6, 2014 8:54 PM by Lauren Reimer

Sahuaro H.S. students spend 5th day of school in soft lockdown

TUCSON - Just five days into the school year, students at one Tucson high school have already spent part of a day in soft lockdown.

"Nothing came of this, but there's always that chance that it could, and that's the scariest part. I'm totally thrilled, I think I was one of the first parents here to pick her up. I just want to see her," said Sahuaro parent Deanna Gundel.

Just after 10 a.m., two emails came into an anonymous tip line. The first said a student had a gun in their backpack, and planned to use it during lunch.

The second, a bomb threat, said explosives would go off at the same time as the shooting.

Parent, Amy Fitch, heard about the lockdown almost immediately from a text message from her daughter.

"She was in the auditorium, they were in there for an assembly. She said 'well that might be a problem, we're actually on lockdown, they just put us on lockdown, somebody brought a weapon to school' is what she said," explained Fitch.

TPD responded by sending a bomb team and search dogs. They didn't find anything.

Unlike Fitch, many parents, Including Gundel, didn't hear about the lockdown for another two hours.

"There was an email on my laptop, I also received an automated phone call from TUSD as well," said Gundel.

The all clear came even later, around 2 pm. Some may have missed the message all together.

TUSD has been using a new alert system, but it needs up-to-date contact information to work.

Nearly all families have phone numbers listed in the system. But only about 20 percent have shared an email address. The best way for parents to fix this, is at your child's school's front office.

TPD is still investigating. They say the person or people responsible could face felony charges.


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