Nov 22, 2013 9:01 PM by Erika Flores

Sahuarita police launch anti-theft campaign

TUCSON - Sahuarita police are taking a proactive approach to combat theft targeting a specific neighborhood after a rash of rip-offs and vandalism.

Friday, Sahuarita police responded to a car bust and a break in around the Los Arroyos areas.

Police want to make sure the crime doesn't increase, so they're taking to the streets with their campaign.

Sahuarita police went door to door in the Los Arroyos area to give people tips on how to prevent crime.

"Keep it clean. Keep it up. Keep the cars parked the right way. Lock your house, and if you take care of the little things. The big things will take care of themselves," said Officer Ron Zimmerling.

According to Sahuarita's crime statistics, since August there have been almost two dozen reported crimes in the area from graffiti to burglary and thefts.

There have been seven reported crimes specifically in the Los Arroyos neighborhood.

Luis Quadron said he's lived in the Los Arroyos neighborhood for four months.

"I used to live in Tucson, and this is a real peaceful and quiet neighborhood," said Quadron.

Police said although they consider Sahuarita peaceful, you shouldn't let your guard down.

"We tend to forget when things are quiet for a while. That makes us a little more aware especially during the holiday season," said Lydia Valenzuela who lives in the neighborhood.

As police left Valenzuela's home, they noticed something in the driveway.

"They looked in your car, and your purse is on the seat," said Zimmerling.

"I'm going to go grab that right now. Thank you," said Valenzuela.

Police said leaving valuables in plain sight will only attract crime.

People in Sahuarita tell me they do feel safe in the community and sometimes forget to lock their car doors or even their garage doors, so police are working to remind them to just take safety precautions especially as the holidays approach.


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