Feb 20, 2013 11:21 AM by Faye DeHoff

Rural/Metro to train hotel staff, firefighters in Rocky Point

TUCSON - To help promote the safety of spring break travelers visiting Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point, Rural/Metro Southern Arizona Operations is providing CPR training to hotel staff, firefighters, Cruz Roja and paramedic students attending their university.

The class being held on February 26th is an effort not only by Rural/Metro, but also Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities, and both the mayor's office and visitor's bureau of Rocky Point. The class is expected to be full and will be closed at one hundred individuals, all free of charge.

This year's training is a continued effort in working for international public safety. The program started in 2002 after a car accident took the life of a University of Arizona student while on a spring break trip to the area. Working with student groups in the past to provide thoughtful tips for their safety, this year Rural/Metro is focusing on those that can provide help in case of an emergency. Staff members at the hotels could be the first responder in an emergency, the fire department or Cruz Roja could be the next to provide care, and training all of these groups may potentially save a life.

Bilingual CPR instructors from the Rural/Metro training cadre will use their expertise to train the class on how to recognize emergencies, how to activate the response system and provide the CPR instruction including Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training. Many of the resorts in Rocky Point have the AED's on their property, so the training will be very important. The trainers will also discuss the basics of water safety, prevention of water related injuries and basic steps to care for those injured, either at pools or any body of water.

Upon the success of this training, Rural/Metro Southern Arizona Operations hopes to provide the same type of class annually. CPR training is valuable. If you have not attended a class, they are available in your community. Contact your local fire department, Red Cross or private training provider for information.


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