Aug 16, 2012 10:17 AM by Ryan Haarer

Rural/Metro is now certified under state protocols for traumatic brain injuries

TUCSON- Some extra training is helping Rural/Metro emergency responders be more efficient.

Traumatic brain injuries require a quick response and Rural/Metro is doing it better than ever before.

About 1.7 million Americans a year suffer traumatic brain injuries. As Rural/Metro always strives to keep their employees sharp, all emergency responders were recently certified under Arizona Department of Health Services traumatic brain injury protocols.

"How do we take care of them to that next level? To make sure that their outcome from the hospital is going be that much better. Less time spent in a care facility, less time in rehab and a better patient outcome. That is what we are looking for," said Grant Cesarek with Rural/Metro.

The certification adds to the basic training paramedics already had. Like making sure ventilation rates are steady as to not add to the pressure in the head during an injury. Now EMT's are getting the same training as the paramedics.

Rural/Metro has also been using a computer system in the field to document outcomes and procedures. This information goes to the state where doctors will help improve pre-hospital care.


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