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May 10, 2012 9:00 PM

Rural Metro Fire offers free CPR class

TUCSON - The A.B.C.'s of swim safety are at the core of our Kristi's Kids, News 4 Tucson Lifesaver campaign.

‘C' is for classes; swim lessons for kids and CPR classes for adults and older brothers and sisters.

This summer our partner Rural Metro Fire Department is offering free CPR training.

Capt. Michael Metropoulos is a paramedic with Rural Metro Fire. In his 23 years of experience he's performed CPR countless times.

"The process is actually fairly simple and very easy to do," he says.

Metropoulos wants to share this experience with as many people as possible. The last time James Myatt received CPR training was 15 years ago. He needed a refresher.

"A friend of a friend had a child choke on some food. And so it was already in our mind about it. Just the season coming for swimming and things like that. It was just the right time," he says.

In this class, they cover what to do for a choking patient. And they practice CPR techniques for kids and adults.

Tissa Trimble saw the offer for free CPR on and took advantage of it.

"Because I have 4 kids," she says. "And I've never taken CPR before."

There's also Vicki Wolf. Her grandson spends most of his summer at her house where she has a swimming pool. With CPR knowledge she is more confident.

"I would know what to do rather than absolutely flounder."

That is what Metropoulos likes to hear.

"CPR is part of the chain of survival," he explains. "And if people are doing compressions and CPR prior to us arriving as paramedics and EMT's, that just makes our job easier."

Click here to sign up for the next CPR class Rural Metro offers.


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