Aug 12, 2014 1:56 AM by Sean Mooney

Robin Williams death hits close to Tucson

TUCSON- The news of Robin Williams death shocked the world Monday.

Authorities believe he took his own life at his Northern California home. Deputies responded to a 911 call just before noon and reported finding Williams unconscious and not breathing.

Investigators say it appears to be suicide due to asphyxia.

The actor-comedian's talent touched people around the world and even right here in Tucson.

In the 70's sitcom "Mork and Mindy", "Nanu Nanu", may have been the first words that launched him to stardom as the strange alien Mork, but certainly not his last.

Few knew what to make of him but over the decades he displayed an immense talent in countless films as a comedian and a dramatic actor, earning a best supporting actor in "Good Will Hunting."

Robin Williams was one of the brightest stars to ever shine in the entertainment world and a piece of that star shined on Tucson where he was occasionally spotted around town over the years.

Williams' second wife had relatives here in Tucson, which occasionally brought them here. News 4 viewer Jenny Scheller Greer remembered one of those visits on Facebook recounting how she met him and his wife at Canyon Ranch, saying, "He kissed his wife in front of me. Very nice man in person!!!"

Williams' death hit closer to home for Craig Gass, who attended Amphi High School and who is now a successful comedian.

"Growing up in Tucson, watching all of his specials really drew me in to comedy and made stand up comedy so attractive", Gass said, "no one looked more free in any form of art than Robin Williams did."

After leaving Tucson and finding success in the business, Gass actually got to meet his idol.

"I was so nervous I just told him, I tried to say in some language, he really meant a lot to me", said Gass, "I didn't get it out in a way that was as articulate as I could have."

Gass also said the world has lost much more than an incredibly gifted entertainer.

"There's a time when somebody big or someone of note leaves us and you go oh, the sports world has lost somebody or a comedian dies and it's like oh, the comedy world has lost one of it's brothers, but I really feel with Robin Williams, everybody loses, everybody in the world has lost today."

Williams will be seen in four upcoming movies including a sequel to "A Night At The Museum" reprising his role as Teddy Roosevelt. Robin Williams was 63 years old.


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