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Jun 28, 2012 2:07 AM

Rio Nuevo insider talks about questionable expenses

TUCSON - A Rio Nuevo insider talked to a group of concerned taxpayers Wednesday.

The Pima Association of Taxpayers invited Benny White to talk about what he has learned about the Rio Nuevo project. The Attorney General asked White to look in to Rio Nuevo back in 2010. His findings prompted a bigger investigation.

A recent audit shows $34 million in questionable spending. Millions of dollars were spent with no record of where the money went.

"We need to review the processes by which this money was lost," White said. "If there are still people involved in management of our government that were involved in the malfeasance, or misappropriation, or theft of state funds, they need to be identified and proper action taken."

Rio Nuevo funds paid for projects outside the district boundaries. About $226,000 was spent in Barrio Viejo. Almost $132,000 was spent in Barrio Sin Nombre.

The District approved $4 million for the Menlo Park Subdivision. The City of Tucson spent about $5.5 million, according to the audit.

The report is full of other examples of costs that need to be justified.


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