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Oct 3, 2012 11:59 PM by Lupita Murillo

Reward offered to find hit-and-run suspect

TUCSON - A Tucson woman is offering money to find the man who slammed into her car and then took off.

This is what's left of the White Nissan Altima belonging to Sharon McGoffin's daughter.

The repairs will cost about $6,000 dollars.

The work is necessary after a driver crashed into them and sped away.

McGoffin says, "I can't understand how somebody could be so irresponsible and uncaring."

McGoffin, her daughter and 4-year-old granddaughter were at a stop on I-10 near the Speedway overpass, when a car hit them from behind.

Her daughter doesn't want to appear on camera.

She says the driver stopped for a second and took off very fast, weaving in and out of traffic.

She says the crash left them with back, neck and shoulder injuries.

McGoffin says they both missed a week of work because of the crash.

They flagged down a DPS officer, but the suspect still got away.

Officer Jeff Holmes with the Arizona Department of Public Safety says, "one of the best thing we could do to help is to have citizens if they see it to at least call in a licensed plate number, vehicle description and driver description if they get it. Where we get stump most of the time is not being able to place the driver with the vehicle."

McGoffin says, "to leave and not even know if my granddaughter was ok, if any of us were ok and to just take off, it's just wrong."

To track down the driver, the women are turning to the internet, posting a one-thousand dollar reward online.

They say everybody does everything online and it reaches a lot more people.

The suspect's car is a newer 4-door sedan, possibly black.

It has damage in the front end and passenger side.

The car has an Arizona license plate.

If you saw the accident, or have seen the suspected vehicle, call 520-795-2623.


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