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Nov 14, 2012 11:30 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Retailers open on Thanksgiving, some employees not happy

TUCSON - 'Tis the season for holiday shopping.

Some retailers hope to get a jump on Black Friday sales by opening a day earlier.

That doesn't sit well with some employees who will have to work Thanksgiving day.

Target will open at 9pm on Thanksgiving.

While some shoppers like the idea, some Target employees have started an online petition.

On the website more than 200-thousand people have signed the petition titled "take the high road and save Thanksgiving".

Many of them Target employees, and their families.

The petition will be sent to Target's CEO.

Tucsonans have mixed reactions.

"To be honest Thanksgiving is our biggest family holiday, so I will not be coming out on Thanksgiving. And I really do feel for the employees who have to work on that day," said one shopper.

A mother of three said, "I'm definitely going to be coming shopping. Every year I feel left out because I've not taken advantage of the sales. I do feel for them."

Last year employees protested Target's midnight opening. This year they're opening three hours earlier.

A Target spokesperson says the opening was carefully evaluated with guests, the target team and the business in mind.

They've announced earlier than ever door busters, calling it an "after dinner event for the family."

"I'll probably stay at home, my boyfriend usually goes with me, and he's going to be working so," said a lady outside Target.

News 4 Tucson asked, do you feel for the employees who have to work thanksgiving?

"Oh definitely, I used to work at Target, it's not fun," she said.

Another person jokingly said, "you know I don't think I've had a thanksgiving off in years, so.">

Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Sears will also be open Thanksgiving.


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