Feb 25, 2013 7:15 PM by Karlisa Galarza

Restored, upgraded B-29 now at Pima Air Museum

TUCSON,AZ - The KB-50J is back and ready to be displayed at the Pima Air and Space Museum after spending the last 6 months with a restoration team.

The KB-50J began as an upgrade to the victorious B-29. Since it was an upgrade it needed numerous changes such as "new engines, modified wings, larger tail," and much more. ""This is our largest restoration project since the B-36 Peacemaker in 2008", said Scott Marchand, the Museum's Director of Collections and Restoration.

The KB-50J was the first aircraft to enter service in 1947 and then 370 aircrafts were ultimately manufactured. KB-50J's, at one point began to be replaced by other types of bombers, which were customized for aerial refueling tankers use by the Tactical Air Command. A faster speed was needed to keep up with the faster armed forces; consequently the external tanks were substituted by two J-47 turbojet engines.

The KB-50J is now on exhibit at the Pima Air and Space Museum.


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