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Oct 17, 2012 9:49 PM by Sean Mooney

Report on shooting of teen at border released

NOGALES - The Nogales Police Department has released its report on the deadly shooting of a 16-year-old teenager along the border.

The report centers on two Nogales police officers responding to the shooting a week ago.

The shooting claimed the life of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez.

According to the report, Officer Quinardo Garcia saw two suspects jump the international fence and run toward a house on the American side of Nogales.

They were carrying a large taped bundle of marijuana strapped to their backs.

Officer Garcia stated that he chased them but lost track of the two in the dark.

At that time another officer then arrived to help. Officer John Zuniga saw the suspects climbing the fence and trying to get over into Mexico but says they were struggling to hold on.

Officer Zuniga says he heard the suspects yelling profanity and then he heard rocks hitting the ground.

Officer Zuniga then reported they were hit by rocks. He then heard rocks striking vehicles and then gunshots being fired.

Border Patrol agents claim that Rodriguez was part of the group throwing rocks at them.

Officer Zuniga says he wasn't sure where the gun-shots came from or who fired them.

Apparently his canine was hit by rocks, but the dog was was not hurt.
officer Garcia says he also heard the shots and saw many medium sized rocks scattered on the street and sidewalk.

Rodriguez was buried over the weekend. An autopsy result is expected later this week.


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