Mar 10, 2013 12:53 PM by Associated Press

Rep. Tobin not giving up on water authority bill

PHOENIX (AP) - A proposal allowing the creation of new agencies to secure new regional water supplies is stalled in the Arizona House after running into a buzz saw of opposition from ranchers and Yuma-area farmers.

But Republican House Speaker Andy Tobin says he's not convinced the opposition means his bill won't move this year.

Farmers in particular are worried their Colorado River water supplies are being targeted, primarily to benefit northern Arizona communities near Tobin's Yavapai County home.

Tobin crafted the bill to create new "water augmentation authorities" after the completion of a two-year study of Arizona's projected water shortfalls. He says kicking the can down the road will just make the challenges greater.

The bill was held in committee, a sure sign it faced a nearly impossible climb to passage.


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