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Apr 4, 2012 1:28 AM

Rep. Patterson suspends campaign via Twitter

PHOENIX - Let the drama at the State Capitol continue. House Minority Leader Chad Campbell tried twice to get a vote on expelling Representative Daniel Patterson immediately. Republicans had another idea. Patterson now has to respond to an Ethics Committee report one week earlier, by next Tuesday.

"The special counsel made a recommendation. The house should not advocate its responsibility to someone outside of the chamber," said Ted Vogt, State Representative.

Campbell said he'll wait a week as long as members of the Legislature are protected from a man with documented aggressive behavior at the capital.

"If he wants to wait, that is fine as long as the speaker secures this house and makes sure everybody is safe, which is what I've asked for and so far not received," said Campbell.

House Speaker Andy Tobin says the building is secure. "I know the report says that he's a threat. We have security here for a reason. And they have advised me that the public is safe, members are safe. It's my biggest concern and always has been as speaker."

"I have read the report and I would support expulsion if the ethics committee recommended it," Tobin went on to say.

Rep. Patterson wasn't in the House pleading for his job, because was in Tucson successfully pleading to a judge to quash a restraining order filed by his wife. Patterson tweeted, "I'm suspending my reelection campaign and likely will not run for AZ House in 2012. I want to focus on family, break from politics. #Tucson."

Patterson also changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.


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