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May 26, 2010 8:48 PM

Rep. Grijalva on SB1070

TUCSON - Rep. Raul Grijalva adamantly opposes Arizona's new law on illegal immigration.

And, in a very controversial move, he has called for a boycott of certain Arizona businesses because of the new law.

We asked Rep. Grijalva if it's possible to have a temporary, targeted boycott of business, and not hurt Arizonans with that. He said you can't. But Rep. Grijalva said he wants to see the businesses themselves take a stronger stand against the state's new illegal immigration law.

And Rep. Grijalva said much of the damage has already been done, since Mexican visitors who spend almost $4 billion a year in Arizona, have cancelled trips here as a result of the law.

The congressman said opponents of the law are down to very few tools to be able to oppose it. "We don't have the power in the legislature, that's controlled a different way. This is a democracy, but there's also protection for a minority. And when you say that you're gonna have a law that essentially racially profiles, that you're gonna have a law that will be challenged on its constitutionality, when you're gonna have a law that seems to be more about retribution than anything else, when you're gonna have a law that bars certain studies in this state, then there has to be a reaction."

Grijalva says polls that show most Arizonans support the new law don't mean a thing. He said polls are mere opinion, and "just because you have an opinion doesn't require me or anybody else to silence our opposition to it."

He added, "I'm sure that if you had done a poll in '58 or '59, 79% of the people in Alabama thought that segregation as a great idea."


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