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Mar 22, 2013 12:53 PM by Ryan Haarer

Recent rescues remind hikers to hit the trails well prepared

TUCSON- In a recent search for a lost hiker in the Romero Canyon area the Sheriff's Department spent nearly 3,500 dollars for eight deputies and aircraft. It's money they have to spend on public safety to keep hikers from paying the ultimate price. This time last year two hikers died on southern Arizona trails and experts say that could have been avoided.

Far too often hikers are just not prepared for the environment they are in. the single most important preparation is bringing enough water. Also, dress appropriately with good shoes and protection from the sun. Pack enough food and water for a night alone, in case it comes to that and pay attention to the heat and your own strength.

"It starts off really nice morning like today. It's really cool out great day to go for a hike. It's really easy to get in really far on our trail. By the time you're coming out it's really heated up. The heat's deceptive. you don't really know how much you are getting dehydrated," explained volunteer rescue hiker, Jason Bowman.

Jason says that 20 ounces of water should last no more than an hour. So plan your trip ahead, and start drinking the water long before you set out. He also says bring a pack with everything you may need to spend a night or two alone.


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