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Oct 19, 2009 5:26 PM

Tucsonans struggle as Sudanese lost boy showing at Loft Cinemas

From the villages of Sudan, to Tucson, and then back to his homeland, Koor "Chris" Garang has had quite the journey.

"We came here as the 'Lost Boys' but we have a goal of trying to help our people back home because we have a vision," Garang said. "We survived all that we went through."

During his trip home, Garang gave back to the community that gave them life, and that is what "Rebuilding Hope" is all about.

"They're confronting their reality there and they're also asking themselves the question how can they contribute to their communities at home, with the opportunities they've gained here in the U.S.," filmmaker Jen Marlowe said.

While in Sudan, Garang did contribute, by bringing supplies and setting up a mobile clinic.

"I made a difference," Garang said. "Some people were not supposed to live and if we would have not been there, some people would have not lived."

While Garang and the other 'Lost Boys' are the stars of this movie, he says the real heart of this film is the community he helped back in Sudan.

"This documentary is not about me," Garang said. "It's about people who are in need. If it were about me I would not do it."


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