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Jul 2, 2014 8:58 PM by John Patrick

Ready or not, here comes the monsoon

TUCSON - With monsoon storms firing up across Southern Arizona make sure that you are prepared before getting caught off-guard.

Something as simple as cleaning out your gutters or changing your windshield wipers can save you a giant headache when a monsoon storm hits. Pat Peters, owner of Pat's Auto Repair, says it's the little things that you don't think about until it actually starts raining.

"When it starts raining everyone panics and starts coming in for wipers," explained Peters.

It's easy to forget about your windshield wipers when you haven't used them in several months, but with that desert sun rotting the rubber away it's a sixty second fix can save your life in a heavy downpour.

Peters says, "This is probably the most important part of the car when it's raining out. You have to have visibility."

In 2013 there were nearly 10,000 accidents in Arizona that were attributed to wet road conditions and 23 people lost their lives. Making sure your rubber properly meets the road can prevent you from becoming a statistic.

Peters says hydroplaning is the cause of many accidents he sees during the monsoon but if your tires are in good shape you can help prevent this from happening. Making sure you have proper tire pressure along with good tread is key.

It's not just your vehicle that needs to be ready for summer storms but your home as well. Sam Miley, long time Tucson resident, knows all too well that his flat roof can have some issues.

"It forms a pool up there and we hadn't had it fixed each year than we would have some trouble," explained Smiley.

Dan Hall, owner of Hallmark Roofing, makes sure roof issues don't happen for a living. He says he has seen it all during the monsoon months from your typical leak to entire roofs ending up in the neighbor's backyard.

Hall says, "The most important thing you can do is get the stuff out of the drains. Keep the leaves off the roof because they will clog the drains and these things can't hold three feet of water, they will come down."

With a daily round of at least isolated storms in the forecast it only takes a few simple chores to be safe rather than sorry.


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