Jun 9, 2014 10:20 AM by Monica Garcia

Reading Seed seeking volunteers to help boost reading skills of children

TUCSON- Many of us may take for granted the ability to get lost in a good book or the confidence to read aloud.

For struggling young readers, the inability to perform these basic actions early on can be detrimental.

Reading Seed, a local non-profit, is working to improve the reading skills of all students in Pima County so they'll have the ability to read at or above grade level by the end of third-grade.

Retired elementary school teacher Laura Greenfield volunteers with Reading Seed and told News 4 Tucson it's more than passion that drives her.

"It makes me sad to see kids struggling," Greenfield said. "How can they learn to love reading?"

Reading Seed is a branch of Literacy Connect and is designed to connect reading coaches with students in kindergarten through fifth-grade, who are reading below grade level.

But there is a road block. According to Reading Seed Program Director Tamara McKinney, they're in major need of volunteers.

With only one month to go before school starts, they need people to sign up now, so that they can be trained by August.

"The need is tremendous," McKinney said. "We are always looking for dedicated folks to come in to help a student build that love of reading. "

Organizers are looking for people who can devote 45 minutes to a student twice a week.

The program currently serves more than 17-hundred students across Pima County.

If you like to volunteer visit http://literacyconnects.org/


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