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Apr 25, 2012 6:35 PM

RAW: Woman spills yogurt on President Obama in Colorado

(CNN) - Here's a tip: If you're going to going to meet the president, leave your snacks at home.

One Colorado college student learned that lesson the hard way - her yogurt spilled on President Obama and the Secret Service.

"Oh, look it, you got me! You got me!" President Obama said after the snack was spilled.

"I'm so sorry," the student immediately responded.

"I'm teasing. Who's got a napkin? That's okay, whose yogurt got on me?" President Obama asked the crowd.

"It was mine. I'm really sorry. It was mine," replied the student, clearly mortified.

" You've got a good story to tell," Mr. Obama responded. "You can say well, I just spilled yogurt all over the president."

"Well, yeah, I'm very embarrassed of that story now," she said. "But it's a pleasure, the pleasure is all mine."

The president was a good sport about the incident. The student says the yogurt was actually on the ground and was accidentally kicked on the president by a photographer.


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